45 minutes for 21 Euros (includes homework checked outside lesson time).

Longer sessions are also available. See my timetable.

Please, write me to arrange a lesson.

If you like it, your second lesson is free.

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Martina (US, from Slovakia) says:

“Angéla is an excellent, dedicated teacher, and clearly a linguist by training. Her lessons have high standards and are focused.At the same time, she adjusts them according to my progress. I can highly recommend her classes, whether you,re looking for intensive language training or a long-term course that fits a busy schedule.”

We all have a different learning pace. Some learn quicker, some learn a bit more slowly. Some like one method, another one reaches results with another method. Our needs, goals and possibilities are all so different.

I always adapt my lessons to my students. I would never want my students to be disappointed or dissatisfied. Continuous feedback from them is one of the most important things to me.

I adore languages, all of them share with us a different view of reality. The Hungarian language – not only because of being unique – highlights the world around us in a slightly different way too. This is one of the most wonderful things about the nature of languages. I teach not only the Hungarian language, but I also introduce my students to Hungarian culture, people, customs, and I am glad to see they like it. I am passionate about what I do, and the way we learn the language is important for me.

I myself was always a quick learner and struggled in groups, because they were too slow for me. If you know the feeling of being unsatisfied because of having another learning pace (be it quicker or slower than the average), then private lessons are meant for you.

What you need to understand is that there is no such as the best language learning plan or the one best and ultimate method. Sometimes it may take 3-4 lessons for me to find out what is good method to teach one particular student to succeed, because you are all so different.

It is true that I aim for conversations right from the beginning, nevertheless, due to the nature of the language, for one it might be impossible to say simple Hungarian sentences without going through the cornerstone of the grammar.

If you wish to speak this fairly complicated language without learning any grammar, I am not the teacher for you.

So let me tell you some more about my teaching methods:

I offer you plenty of materials chosen from different books and those assembled by myself. All materials are provided, so you do not need to buy anything! (Except you want to buy books, of course) You have to invest only in your online lessons. Before the lessons you receive your materials into your mail inbox or on Skype. You can print it if you want (it is the best for you) or simply open the files during the lessons. Everyone receives his/her own material, there are no 2 same lessons! The learning plans may be changing according to your special needs, problems that might occur and questions you might ask about the language.

Every time we start with a little conversation (well, it depends on your level, first we may only be able to ask each other “How are you?”), then you might ask questions about the homework that I checked and sent back to you prior to your lesson. Some language learners prefer not to have so many execises for homework, while others like working on the material after the lessons – you can have your own choice, it depends on you. After this we start working on the new material.

During the whole lesson I type words and phrases into the Skype message box. So you do not need to write anything. Let us not waste our time with writing! 🙂  It is very important, that on the lessons we speak Hungarian as much as possible. New words, phrases and sentences the learner might not understands are explained in Hungarian and not in English above a certain level. English language is used only with beginners.

A new type of Hungarian class – coffee talk. Let,s chat. The class is rather for those who are at an advanced level of Hungarian. What is the coffee talk? If you choose this type of lesson, then the teacher and the student(s) simply start chatting. Of course I am an experienced teacher, so it is not just a simple chat as it would be with just someone from the street… (who is not easy to find 😉 ) I will still teach you. Such a lesson is cheaper, because it does not require preparation from the teacher and there is no homework. Also, this lesson is 10 minutes longer, although the price is lower. You can bring 1 or 2 of your friends and the chat becomes a Skype conference. Even more interesting topics may come up and the price decreases. They are as follows:

1 to 1 coffee talk: 22 euros / 55 minutes

2 to 1 coffee talk: 16 euros /55 minutes / person

3 to 1 coffee talk: 13 Euros / 55 minutes / person

A usual 1 to 1 Hungarian class where you get the materials, homework etc. is 21 euros/45 minutes as you can see below.

So why would you like to learn with me?

First of all, because I am experienced and have a reasonable, competitive price. Also, choose me, if you want to know grammar as well, not just Hungarian words. Some of my students chose me, because they had had bad experience with native teachers who might not be able to explain the mechanism of their own language. I adapt every lesson to my students, needs! You can always ask me to learn about a specific topic that you are interested in or to practice grammar rules that you feel uncertain about. I am flexible and we can have the kind of method that brought you results in the past, because you can feel what is the best for you. If you have no special questions or need we learn the way I plan it.

Some language books and materials that I use (everything is available in a digital format):

Halló, itt Magyarország I. + CD    (Level A1, A2)https://hungarianonline.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/konyv.jpg

Halló, itt Magyarország II. + CD  (Level A2, B1)

Lépésenként magyarul I. (Level A1, A2)

Lépésenként magyarul II. (Level A2, B1)

Jó szórakozást magyarul – Fun reading exercises  (Level B1, B2)

Hungarolingua 1 + Exercise book (Level A1)

Hungarolingua 2 + Exercise book (Level A2)

Hungarolingua 3.  (Level B2, C1)

Magyar Mozaik IV. (Level C1, C2)

Felsőfokon magyarul I. (Level C1, C2)

Gyakorló magyar nyelvtan (all levels)

Kiliki a Földön 1. & 2 (for children)

Hungarian in a simple way 1 + Exercise book

Hungarian in a simple way 2 + Exercise book

MagyarOK 1. + Exercise book

MagyarOK 2. + Exercise book

MagyarOK 3. + Exercise book

MagyarOK 4. + Exercise book

Szóról szóra

Szó, ami szó

Simple Hungarian, Conversational topics I. (Level A2)

Simple Hungarian, Conversational topics II. (Level B1)

Simple Hungarian, Short stories (Level B2)

Beginner,s Hungarian language book (a picture dictionary) (Level A1, A2)

Hungarian with ease (Level A2)

Colloquial Hungarian (Level A1, A2, B1)

Practical Hungarian Grammar (all levels)

Hungarian in words and pictures (Level A1, A2)

Hungarian – An essential grammar

Nyelvtani gyakorlatok gyűjteménye – grammar exercises (All levels)

Mroczko: Język węgierski dla początkujących

Eniko Szij: Kurs vengerskogo jazyka

And other online sources, PDF files and my own materials…

Prices: a 45 minute online lesson costs 21 Euros which includes homework as well.

If you need vocabulary lists with extra explanation after the lesson, it costs 23 Euros.

Opinions from some of my students:

Francesca (Italy): “Fantastic! Angela is very patient and professional. I was very nervous before the beginning of the lesson, but the very first lesson was relaxing and enjoying!
Louise (England): “She is amazing! Makes learning so fun and easy! Highly recommend :D”
Sampo (Finland): “I gladly recommend Angéla,s lessons for everyone. She knows the structure of the hungarian language, although it is her mother tongue. And she always finds the best way and the exercises to get you to the next level. She is also a really nice person.”
Natalia (Russia): “Ангела очень понятно объясняет, дает много материалов из разных учебников”
Beata (Poland): “Angela is a excellent tutor, she is a strict but equally a very friendly person. She can always sense if I don,tunderstand the topic and is really good at explaining grammar.”
Kim (Canada): “Angela is a Great Teacher, she is VERY patient, helpful, friendly and accomodating. I enjoy learning Hungarian and look forward to each lesson.  
Christina (Scotland): “I really enjoyed my 1st (trial) lesson with Angela. I was quite nervous before hand and during but Angela was very patient and good at explaining things to me.
Osnat (Israel): “Very good! Angela prepared the lesson well and was very nice and helpful!”
Bert (Belgium): “Angela is just a great teacher, very patient and professional. She is very efficient and makes from learning a language a pleasant and relaxing activity.
Robert (US): “I was initially skeptical about learning Hungarian online via Skype, but Angela,s wide variety of methods for teaching and her constant feedback make her lessons very valuable. Moreover, she is always prepared for class yet nevertheless flexible – if we start discussing something, she will allow me to explore the topic rather than remaining with a single, prescribed theme. This is just one trait, which demonstrates her gift for teaching.”
Ani (London, UK): “Angi is an excellent Hungarian teacher. I felt comfortable with her right from the start – some teachers can feel judgmental but Angi was attentive, helpful and kind. The lessons were interesting and fun and tailored to my needs and level. Although she speaks English, she explained things using Hungarian which is what I wanted especially at an advanced level (but not all teachers do this as some just translate – I really appreciated it). Angi was committed to her profession, preparing for each of our lessons and checking to see if I was happy with the material. Angi was always patient and I always felt her desire for me to improve my Hungarian eg she would correct me even if we were having a little ,chat,. Thanks Angi!”
Martina (US): “Angéla is an excellent, dedicated teacher, and clearly a linguist by training. Her lessons have high standards and are focused. At the same time, she adjusts them according to my progress. I can highly recommend her classes, whether you,re looking for intensive language training or a long-term course that fits a busy schedule.”
Anya (The Netherlands): “Learning Hungarian is my hobby and I have been taking classes with Angéla for about a year. I started as an almost complete beginner and nowadays, thanks to Angéla, I can watch old magyar movies on YouTube and read unadapted novels. I couldn not even dream about that a year ago! Angéla is an excellent teacher: her lessons are always interesting and instructive, she will do her best in tailoring the pace and material to student,s needs. She is also very good in explaining grammar, origin of words and cultural bits.”