I prefer using Skype for my lessons, where we can most times establish a good connection and see each other (using a camera will help both of us). There I can freely type the new words and you can see them (either because they pop-up or because you have several windows open) while you are looking at your lesson material.




Generally during a 45 minute lesson we are able to work on a lot, but if you prefer longer lessons, they are also possible. Would you prefer 60 or 90 minutes? No problem!

At the end of each lesson we discuss your homework and also, if you send it to me in time, your homework will be checked outside lesson time. So we can make the most of our 45-60-90 minutes.

21 Euros / 45 minutes

26 Euros / 60 minutes

37 Euros / 90 minutes

How frequently do you need to learn?

Well, I think it will depend on your time, objectives and you learning pace.

If you have a specific goal e.g.

  • you need to know the language for work or you are planning to move to Hungary,
  • if you are preparing for a language exam / interview to get the citizenship,
  • if you need to learn a lot in a relatively short amount of time (even if you have months left, but the goal is still far)
  • or you would really like to make more out of learning Hungarian than just a hobby

then I recommend at least two 45-60 minute sessions a week.

If you learn at least 3 times 45 minutes or twice 60 minutes a week, I will give with you free sessions. The length and frequency of the free session will be calculated at the end of the month according to the number of lessons you bought and accomplished.

But if

  • you lack time or money
  • and/or you are not in a rush at all
  • and you can take your time (mainly because Hungarian is just your hobby)

then 45 minutes a week will be enough for you.

Though you are all different.

How many lessons you need will also depend on your learning speed.

If someone learns faster than others then they might feel like they need to take lessons several times a week, while those who learn more slowly might feel like I provide a lot of material in those 45 minutes and then they can work on it later during the week, before our next meating.

Try the lessons free

If you like them then start learning

and after a while you will feel how many lessons you need.

You could also use the e-mail courses along a 45 minute session each week.

(Please note: you are welcome to a free class time after time if you learn frequently, but I do not lower my prices in advance. You can try my lessons free though once at the beginning 😉 just get in contact with me )