about Angela Hungarian language teacher

Angéla vagyok.

For those who don’t speak Hungarian yet this introduction was written in English. Soon I will hopefully finish translating my website into multiple languages 🙂

I have over 12 years of experience of teaching Hungarian online and 14 years of total experience of teaching languages.

I am a linguist and language enthusiast, but also a mum (to a Hungarian-English bilingual child in Hungary).

My name is Angela. I was born in 1984 and I live on the South of Hungary, in a town called Mohács. You might have heard about the battle at Mohács (1526) and Busójárás which is held every year at the carneval season.

On my previous website I used to have a description about me with loads of information regarding my studies, previous articles, conferencse that I took part in.

I am not at all such a strict person as it may seem from my studies and educational experience so let here stand this short introduction this time:

I started to teach Hungarian online at the end of 2009. I gained my diplomas in Russian and Polish, but the fact is that my PhD studies were all about Hungarian language. While I was abroad on scholarships, I met students at the faculty of Hungarology and although I w as a practicing teacher at the University of Warsaw and was teaching Polish grammar to the Polish (sounds interesting, huh? it was), I enjoyed the new challange. I visited their classes to do my own researches about the relation between morphological awareness of the mother tongue and learning a foreign language (theme of my dissertation), and University teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language asked me if I could help them on their lessons. I said yes, of course! Then some Polish people asked me if I could theach them and I was happy to start helping them. Well, that is where and how it all started!

Ani (London) says:

“Angi is an excellent Hungarian teacher. I felt comfortable with her right from the start – some teachers can feel judgmental but Angi was attentive, helpful and kind. The lessons were interesting and fun and tailored to my needs and level. Although she speaks English, she explained things using Hungarian which is what I wanted especially at an advanced level (but not all teachers do this as some just translate – I really appreciated it). Angi was committed to her profession, preparing for each of our lessons and checking to see if I was happy with the material. Angi was always patient and I always felt her desire for me to improve my Hungarian eg she would correct me even if we were having a little ,chat,. Thanks Angi!”

I have always been a language enthusiast (could take my Polish to an advanced level in 2 years, just to say one example), I had PhD studies of applied lingustics. I have an analytic view at languages and very soon after I had bought my first book, I started to understand the little rules of my own language, Hungarian as well.

So that is how I took direction towards my mother tongue: Hungarian.

Now I teach only Hungarian!

If you are interested in my studies, please ask. I do not list them here anymore 🙂

In my free time I am mostly with my son (by the way, I managed to raise him English-Hungarian bilingual in a completely natural way). If I find time, I do some art work e.g. draw or lately I tried painting and I liked it. I like speaking on any topic that my students offer.