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Here I am continuously upploading some useful links that show to good websites which might help you get to know a bit more about Hungarian language, Hungary, Hungarian culture, travelling info and so on.



Hungarian language:


WATCH IT! - Hungarian online television channels

How to learn - About Hungarian language, culture and so on...

AllTheTests - Hungarian language test

BBC - Hungarian




Hungarian verbs - very useful

SZTAKI 1- English - Hungarian

SZTAKI 2- German - Hungarian

SZTAKI 3 - French - Hungarian

SZTAKI 4 - Italian - Hungarian

SZTAKI 5 - Polish - Hungarian

SZTAKI 6 - Dutch - Hungarian

e-bratanki - Polish - Hungarian

English - Hungarian dictionary




Hungary, Hungarian culture: - All bout Hungary

Regions of Hungary - thing to do and see

How to learn - About Hungarian language, culture and so on...

World atlas - map of Hungary and quick facts

Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár - The biggest Hungarian electronic library - Hungarian Literature Online

Hungary in links - links for all parts of the country!!

Map of Hungary - a small simple map

Map of Hungary 2 - a more detailed map

Famous Hungarians - writers, actors, politicians and so on...

History - History of Hungary

Hungarian cuisine - Hungarian food

Hungarian cuisine 2 - Food you have to try and recipes

Music - About Hungarian music

Russian language teacher - learn Russian online on Skype




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